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Your Garage Doors Before, During and After a Hurricane

01/19/2017 Back To Blog

Many areas around the USA are involved in an ongoing battle against the elements. In areas such as Florida and Miami, the risk of hurricanes is particularly high which means homeowners from these zones need to ensure that they are adequately prepared when the wind starts to pick up. Your garage door is an excellent line of defense in this regard, however when not properly secured, they can in fact pose more of a danger than a help.

So, to assist you with properly preparing yourself for hurricane season, here are some excellent ways to ensure that your door is up to the task of protecting you and your home from the winds.Your Garage Doors Before, During and After a Hurricane

Before The Winds Rise

The best way to protect yourself from the ravages of bad weather is to ensure that your door is ready to stand fast in the face of raging winds. A great way to do this is to make sure that when having a door installed, that it meets the requirements of wind and impact resistance in your area. Therefore, opting for a product that is wind load rated or impact rated is essential.

These residential garage doors offer superior resistance and stability to high speeds as well as impact from projectiles, and are essential to maintaining your safety during a hurricane.

Protecting Your Door during a Hurricane

Ensuring your protection during a high wind event can be done easily with just a little care, and is even simpler if you have a wind or impact rated door to begin with. During times of high wind, it is wise to shut the door and leave it that way. For additional structural protection, be sure to mechanically or manually lock it, these devices are usually provided alongside wind resistant setups. Once locked, be sure to disconnect the automatic opener to avoid any mishaps.

Lastly, once the storm has passed, be sure to unlock the door before attempting to operate it. A latched door being operated automatically will likely lead to damages severe enough to have you looking for garage door repairs once the storm has passed. It is a silly mistake to make, but one that happens often enough.

After the Storm

Once the winds die down and you have reopened the door, it is wise to test it for any strain or damages that it may have taken during the ordeal, this way you can be positive that it is ready to protect you the next time a storm hits. Check the garage door tracks, hinges and supports for any signs of stress, misalignment or cracks, and opt for immediate repairs or maintenance if it is needed.

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