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Garage Door Maintenance

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Garage Door Maintenance in FloridaWood Panel Care

The work begins with inspection for damage. If there are decaying spots, the panels will require immediate repair. If the bottom seal is loose or worn, it has to be replaced right away. In general, it is best to attach the seal with the use of aluminum retainer, which offers extra protection to the door and makes replacement easier. Cleaning should start with the removal of cobwebs, if there are any. The best way to clean the panels is to use slightly damp lint-free cloth. If there is a need for using a commercial wood cleaner, it has to be completely safe as well as potent. Wood panels typically require annual repainting or staining to stay protected from the elements.

Full Opener Maintenance

The first step involves checking the cord, rail, drive and trolley for damage and wearing. When repair is not an option, the problematic component should be replaced straight away. The mounting brackets of the motor unit should stay firmly in place. Any loose bolts have to be tightened. If the opener uses a steel chain or twisted rod, it should be lubricated with a product approved by the manufacturer of the device. Even if the operator uses a drive belt, the sections where friction occurs between the rail and the trolley will require lubrication. The safety sensors require cleaning with soft dry cloth and testing as part of garage door maintenance. The test involves setting an object to block one of the sensors while the door is open, and then closing it. The door should not go down, but reverse.

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