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Universal Garage Door Remote

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Like a universal television remote, universal garage opener remotes can be programmed in such a way that they will work with various garage door openers. They are popularly used as replacement units for homeowners who need another remote control. This is because it could be time-consuming to find an original remote control of a specific opener.Universal Garage Door Remote

Openers for garage doors work similarly. An automatic door is connected to a motor that pulls it open or lets it down with the use of a chain connected to the door. It is also on a track and the remote commands to either raise or lower the door. In case the remote is damaged or lost, the fastest way to replace it is to use a universal remote. This can be programmed to work with different door openers. It should work with major brands in the market. However, there are cases when it cannot work with a certain brand of door or opener. Reasons could be that the opener is not from a major brand, which is why it is not supported by the remote control. Furthermore, security features of the opener do not enable for it to be used. If it is not possible to use a universal remote, it is suggested to get another one from the manufacturer.

Methods of Programming

Universal remotes are programmed using two different methods. Some are programmed using one method, while others use a combination of both. The first one is using the switches found inside the remote and look for one that particularly works with the brand being used. The opener may also be able to program the universal remote by the push of a button, which is on the motor housing. Universal remotes come with different options, just like most remote openers. They have buttons that can be used to control automatic gates, multiple doors or garage doors. Battery is the source of power.

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