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Tilt-Up Doors vs. Sectional Doors

11/14/2013 Back To Blog

For a long time, the standard for garage doors was the tilt-up style, usually a one-piece door made of wood.  This style of door reminds one immediately of 60’s and 70’s chic, but the option can be found in many houses in today’s market, as well.  If you have a tilt-up door or are considering one, here are a few reasons you should shy away and invest in a modern, roll-up sectional door.

Top reasons: space, safety, and security

First of all, a tilt-up door simply takes up more space.  Because it rotates along the middle axis, you need to have clearance on both sides.  That needs to be left as open space, which means there’s less garage space for you to use for other things.  Sectional doors roll straight up, meaning you can use the space right up to the edge of the door if you wish, a key feature for most residential owners.

Security and safety are also important considerations.  Tilt-up doors are a lot easier to break into.  They’re also traditionally made of heavier materials, making spring failure even more dangerous compared to the comparatively lighter roll-up doors.

Other considerations: springs, aesthetics, insulation

Sectional doors use a much safer kind of spring – torsion coil trampoline springs.  Older, tilt-up doors have two springs mounted on the sides of the door frame.  This type of spring is much more dangerous when it wears out.  Additionally, tilt-up doors are usually not insulated well and because they have to rotate, usually create poor seals or barriers with the floor, making them even worse in cold weather.

Your garage door is also the most prominent feature of your house when viewed from the curb.  Let’s face it – tilt-up doors are unsightly, and sectional doors simply look better.

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